Microscopy :

Rafal Dunin-Borkowski
Director of the Center For Electron Nanoscopy of Denmark. Topics in Electron Holography for magnetic imaging. If you think about an original observation, take a look to its website it's surely already done...

Florent Houdellier
Research Engineer in CNRS Toulouse. Main topics about everything...but mostly unmounting and re-mounting everything which is unmountable (or not) more or less related to electron microscopy.

Magnetism :

Olivier Fruchart
Director of the Micro- and Nanomagnetism group in Grenoble. He could find the magnetic monopole using only the red and black colour of its Bic© pen.

Others :

Julien Castet
Doctor in Art and Technology. If only Art and Technology but also photography, electronic, informatic and the best lighter thief ever.

Julien Lesommer
Doctor in Physic Oceanography. Don't ask him something or he will become an expert in the field during the next months.

...everything else:

Personal pages
Old and unmaintained Photo and others stuff website.

Incubaction ?...!
Incubaction is a plastic and audio-video installation. An experience to feel through your eyes, your ears and your movements..

updated : 12/2009